Parameter Value
Field of view 180° x 180 ° or 180° x 130°
See images above to assess this performance
Camera resolution ALPHEA 6xx – 3100 x 2100 (6 Mpixels)  2.4 x 2.4 µm pixel
ALPHEA 3xx – 3000 x 3000 (9 Mpixels)  2.4 x 2.4 µm pixel
All Backside illuminated CMOS sensor (BSI) Ultra low readout noise.
No mechanical shutter ALPHEA 6xx/3xx : rolling shutter
ADC resolution ALPHEA 6xx : 14 bits         ALPHEA 3xx :12 bits
Video stream (USB 2.0)  ALPHEA 6xx : 7 fps and ALPHEA 3xx :3 fps

AVI output or snap image mode

Exposure time From 32µs to many hours of exposure (all sky mode, typically 30s to 60s)
Gain Variable (from 1e- / ADU downto 0.05 e- / ADU)
GammaTunable +50 units to -50 units
CoolingPassive from camera body dissipation, no active cooling
Image download time < 20 ms
Control software ALCOR SYSTEM Windows AllSky software supplied at no additionnal costs, SDK on request
Operating system Windows (Seven, 8, 10)  32 & 64bits

Linux (contact us, SDK available)

To PC interface USB 2.0 / 20 m length cable, perfectly reliable operation. Ethernet link on request.
Top dome heater Manual enable/disable operation from the user, some watts are injected to remove dew.
Power supply PC powered, 24V and 0.1A
Filter wheelNone
Daylight imagingALPHEA 6xx/3xx Capable
Auto-iris None, fixed F/1.6 lens
Day operation possible with ALPHA 6xx/3xx with lowest gain and exposure time (32µs)
Focus adjustementNone, factory tuned
Other informations Tight to bad weather condtions (rain/snow), anodized aluminium casing, acrylic dome, water tight connectors / IP67 protection
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 125mm diameter, 120 mm height
Operating temperature range from -40°C to +45°C



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